I got my 1975 series 3 for my 13th birthday , it was totally dead, so i spent a few weeks learning about engines trying to get it to run.  I ended up changing the rings with my dad, quite a steep learning curve for a 13 year old.

I am now 15 and that same land rover that started off as a toy to learn with has now become a serious project, the plan is to use it as a first car, so once I decided that and looked at the amount of work that it needed to get it on the road, I decided to start again and do it properly. (most people look at me as if to say yeah right, but i think I can say im proving them wrong!)

rollingc 300x225 1975 SERIES 3 REBUILD BY A 15 YEAR OLD by IEUAN DAVIES

I managed to afford a second hand chassis on ebay, which needed no welding, what a find!

chassis 300x225 1975 SERIES 3 REBUILD BY A 15 YEAR OLD by IEUAN DAVIES

When i was taking it apart I realised that the bulkhead was just too far gone so i just about managed to afford one of them on ebay aswell, which has been galvanised.

bulkhead 300x225 1975 SERIES 3 REBUILD BY A 15 YEAR OLD by IEUAN DAVIES

So the rebuild began, I have very little time as im doing my GCSE’s at the moment, but I’m carrying on anyway.  So it has got all new polybushes, brake pipes, brake hoses, all stainless bolts  etc.. (the list goes on).

I fixed a problem with the transfer box not going into 4×4, did the timing belt and engine service.

I have recently fitted the bulkhead, which has been half built up and painted.

I am proud to say that the only help I have had (my dad is a landy man) is with lifting the engine etc. and advice with the timing belt, i did the gearbox myself which was quite a heart beating moment!

So that is where I am at now, there are a lot more pictures here:

Ieuan Davies Photobucket

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  1. tom griffiths says:

    nice work! especially finding that chassis. and good luck with the GCSE’s!

  2. kierran maidment says:

    im in the same boat as you, im 17 and rebuilding a landrover, a 1989 110, and people look at me as if i am mad aswell, keep up the good work its nice to see another lad intersted in them and workin on them :)

  3. Kelvin Gerald says:

    Great job! Do keep us updated. You actually inspired me. I have put on hold restoring/modifying my 109. Seeing you work have given me back my enthusiasm!

  4. laurits C. Jensen says:

    hallo im 15 year. and im from denmark I am also about to rebuild a land rover 110″ from 1991. good to see that not only is me who is mad :-)
    nice work.

  5. andy greenhough says:

    looks good do that mate, good look with the GCSEs, do keep us updated with pics and word, its always good to hear of a young lad, so into landys,

    good deal on the chassis too, ebay is a wonderfull tool

  6. Harry Smith says:

    I’m 13 and rebuilding a series 3, I’ve had it since i was 9,blog to follow shortly, nice to know it is not just me who is mad!

  7. Pierce Cook says:

    I’m 16 and rebuilding a series 3 as a first car and to learn to drive in, there seems to be a few of us i’m suprised there is not a club or somthing.

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