Bollinger, the famous manufacturer of champagne, and Italian firm Aznom Automotive have joined forces to create a unique promotional vehicle based on the Range Rover Evoque. Whilst booze and cars might not be the greatest products to mix the Evoque has become such a style icon that it was only a matter of time before it was used as a promotional tool like this.

11724993591878037416 300x199 BOLLINGER EVOQUE

Interestingly Aznom have not replaced or added anything to the vehicle. Instead, the Evoque gets a rose and bronze custom paintjob with a matte black roof that features the Bollinger logo. Inside is a custom fitted cream, gold, black and red interior with a fitted champagne holder.

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Bollinger is a French Champagne company with roots in the Champagne region. They started production as Bollinger in 1829. The Evoque they used is an SD4 model 190 PS 2.2 litre Dynamic five-door.

The car will tour various wine festivals around Europe starting with the Vinitaly 2012 event.

This news item is courtesy of Land Rover World magazine.


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