In addition to the Soft Top Evoque revealed at the Geneva show was the latest incarnation of the DC100 as Land Rover continue their campaign of drip feeding us ‘new improved’ versions in the hope that we’ll eventually grow to like it.

It must be said that at least these latest concepts are looking a bit more purposeful than the original concept car we saw a few months ago but the jury is still firmly out on whether it should be called a Defender or not.

No additional details were released as to what is under the ‘funky’ body other than the assertion that the built-in iTerrain facility will cope with Snow and Ice just as easily as it coped with the Californian sand recently.

dc100 snow 013 200x300 DC100 SNOW & ICE dc100 snow 027 200x300 DC100 SNOW & ICE

The few lucky souls that have been granted an audience with the driver’s seat of the DC100 are all said to love the SUPERCHARGED V8!! But whether we will ever be offered a V8 Defender like that for the European market is still pure speculation.

This news item is courtesy of Land Rover World magazine.

lrwcat DC100 SNOW & ICE

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3 Responses to DC100 SNOW & ICE

  1. martin burglin says:

    No matter how many times i see one, they still look like a BIG Mini to me! :(

    • John Rae says:

      You know, that’s exactly what I thought!

      Maybe they’ve been hatching this since the BMW days…

  2. Nilhan Weerasinha says:

    Very simply a DEFENDER must look like a LAND ROVER ! not a Suzuki ! Where are the riverts? What about that famous barbeque grill of the Series ? Heritage thrown out of the window to join the crowded ‘soft roader’ club ? The Defender has OUT STANDING personality as it is, why change it? Most Defender owners are interested in performance,reliability and safety off road not in frills and trims, that’s where improvements could be made. Yes I agree looks like they have caught a BMW infection!

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