Range Rover P38 R380 Reconditioned Gearbox

Range Rover P38 R380 Reconditioned Gearbox
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  • Part Number: R380P38
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Compatible Vehicles

  • Range Rover P38 with manual gearbox


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The P38 R380 gearbox will have a prefix of 64A or 65A.

The P38 box comes without bellhousing and remote shifter.


R 380 Development

The R 380 was introduced in 1994 with the suffix J which was a significant improvement on the LT 77 it supercedes, differences included a steel oil pump (as opposed to the LT 77 fibre one), an additional 2 support bearings were used on the layshaft and the mainshaft, wider gears, bigger diameter syncro rings, syncromesh on reverse and a longer mainshaft spline.

This suffix J did unfortunately have a couple of design flaws which gave the R 380 some bad press, they were prone to the mainshaft shearing across the oil feed holes, the layshaft also sheared at a stress concentration behind the sandwich plate causing loss of 5th and reverse also early ones still suffered from mainshaft wear until the cross drilled transfer case gears became fitted as standard on the suffix G transfer cases.

In 1999 the suffix K was used very briefly for a few months then came the suffix L. The K and L are virtually identical, the only difference I have found is the L outer main casing has an additional strengthening rib, internals are the same. The J and K/L are very different, 2 of the bearings were substantially uprated and pinion and layshaft teeth were widened again, this results in a much stronger unit.


It is not abnormal for the R 380 to run quite hot and this often results on either baulking or sticky shifts which can often be improved by either an oil additive or different oil.

If you feel your unit is running too hot then bear in mind Landrover make for 2 main markets, Europe and Rest of World (ROW), the ROW spec TD5 Defender and Disco gearboxes are oil cooled but Europe spec are not, there is some debate as to whether they should be, especially if you live in south Spain or Italy Etc.

Bias Adjustment

It is important to check the bias adjustment particularly on the defender boxes if a "notchy" selection on 3rd or 4th is a problem.

The bias plate and springs are pre set on the (short stick) Disco and Range Rover boxes, so should need little or no attention, but if there is a problem selecting 3 or 4 it is possible to move the spring location plate which is held down by the 4 x M8 bolts under the top dust cover.

The"long stick" boxes, Defender and early Range Rover, come without the "turret" assembly. Always check the turret is in good condition ie locates in the socket and feel firm. The 3 and 4 selection is by two "bias" adjustment springs located one each side of the turret under the rubber boot. Pull the boot back and if necessary adjust the two M6 screws under the springs, the lever should self center in the 3 - 4 position.

Other causes of poor selection are "dragging clutch" and "tight spigot", both of these problems will show on the R 380 by tight gear selection in all gears.

Additional Information

Brand Ashcroft Transmissions
OEM / Aftermarket Aftermarket
Warranty 12 Months Warranty
Lead Time Special Order - Please ask
Part Number R380P38
Vehicle For Range Rover P38

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