ARB Diff Locker

ARB Air Lockers

Compatible Vehicles

  • Defender: -90- 1993 onwards (front & rear) 1,5,6, 90 -2007 onwards (front & rear with 2 pin rear diff) 1,6, 110/130 - 1994 onwards (front & rear) 1,5, 110/130 - 2007 onwards (front & rear) 1,6

  • Discovery 1: -1993 - 1998 (front & rear) 1,5

  • Discovery 2: -(front & rear) 1,5,6

  • Range Rover 1986-1994: -1993 - 1996 (front & rear) 1,5

Special Order - 1-2 days

£861.82 Info UK VAT charged at 20% £718.18 Info Outside of EU and EU VAT registered companies only (not UK).
Shaft Description - Rover Type
Shaft Diameter - 31.5 (1.24")
Splines - 24 - n/a for Wolf axles
Ratio - 3.54

Note - Defender 90 - 2007 onwards is with 2 pin rear diff

Air Locker locking differentials allow you to tackle the toughest terrain.

Ultra durable and extremely strong - only the highest quality materials used in construction. Air Locker locking differentials allow you to tackle the toughest terrain. As the world's premier traction aid, ARB Air Lockers keep you moving in all conditions.

The Requirement
Many people believe that a 4WD and traction go hand in hand... you can't have one without the other. However, your vehicle's standard (or open) differential is designed to allow each wheel to turn independently, thus eliminating binding during turns. Off road, this becomes a major burden as engine power will take the path of least resistance, which occurs at the wheels with little or no traction.Newer vehicles with limited slip differentials may offer some improvement, but more often you'll find the slipping is not ‘limited' enough to maintain forward progress. Automatic locking differentials also have their disadvantages. Aside from being noisy when disengaging, they can also upset the on-highway driving characteristics of your vehicle.

The Solution
Created to provide 100% traction on demand, without sacrificing any of your vehicle's highway driving performance, ARB Air Lockers employ a 12 volt air compressor designed to activate (and deactivate) a solid and durable locking mechanism inside the differential. This gives you the traction you need, when you need it, all at the flick of a switch, and all within the safety and comfort of the driver's seat.The advantage of the ARB Air Locker lies in the pneumatically operated locking system inside the differential. When activated, the Air Locker prevents the differential gears from rotating and therefore prevents the axle shafts from turning independently of each other. With both wheels tied directly to the rotation of the crown wheel, the vehicle maintains maximum possible traction at all times. When unlocked, it operates just like a conventional ‘open' differential.In addition to providing outright improvements to a 4x4's off road capabilities, the Air Locker offers significant environmental benefits. An Air Locker equipped vehicle can be driven in a slower, safer and more controlled manner, greatly reducing the likelihood of vehicle damage and environmental impact.

> Provides 100% traction on demand without affecting on road driveability or driveline wear
> Vastly improved traction means less reliance on momentum, thus reducing the likelihood of vehicle damage and environmental impact
> Easy, convenient operation allows the user to concentrate on the terrain without leaving the comfort and safety of the driver's seat
> Ultra durable and extremely strong - only the highest quality materials used in construction
> Incredibly simple yet effective design that employs minimal moving parts, thereby ensuring maximum reliability
> Thoroughly tested and proven design - trusted and used in over 80 countries around the world
> Easy installation and maintenance - no special tools, skills or additives required
> Two year warranty guarantees the Air Locker will be free of defects in materials

1 If vehicle was manufactured during 1993, check spline count.
2 Air Locker not available for vehicles equipped with high load option.
3 Ring gear spacer required. Longer ring gear bolts (not supplied) are also necessary - (Land Rover part no. 576521).
4 When an DA4191 Air Locker is to be installed in Range Rovers manufactured prior to 1980 (approx.), special carrier bearings (No. K11300/K11162) may also be necessary - Land Rover part no. RTC3426.
5 Some vehicles have crown wheel bolts which cannot be reused and must be replaced. Consult service manual.
6 P38A is most commonly found in traction control equipped vehicles. Identify P38A type diff by large 205mm [8.07"] flange diameter. P38A was not used on North American delivered Discoverys - use DA4193.

Available in the UK only.
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Brand ARB Air Lockers
OEM / Aftermarket Aftermarket
Warranty 12 Months Warranty
Lead Time Special Order - 1-2 days
Vehicle For Defender, Discovery 1, Discovery 2, Range Rover 1986-1994

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