Disc Handbrake Conversion - Disco1 and RRC

Disc Handbrake Conversion - Disco1 and RRC
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Compatible Vehicles

  • Discovery 1 All
  • Range Rover to 1985 All
  • Range Rover 1986-1994 All
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If you drive off-road, you know how useless the standard Land Rover transmission brake can be. The brake itself is fine, its just that it traps muddy water inside which rapidly grinds down the shoes and bungs up the mechanism.

Our Disk Transmission Brake uses a state of the art monster size mechanical caliper designed for agricultural vehicles and earth moving equipment - so use on a Land Rover is a walk in the park for it!

The mechanism is sealed so it will not seize up due to ingress of mud or water and it uses special 'sintered' pads which are resistant to abrasion from mud as well as providing greater friction against the disk than a standard pad.

Replacement pads are readily available from us. We doubt however that you will need any for many years.

The disk has been specially designed for Land Rovers. It is made from tough 10mm thick steel. It has a smaller diameter than a standard drum and does not dangle below the transfer box to help protect it from whatever you are driving over. The caliper mechanism sits in a well protected area at the top.

The new Discovery & Range Rover version differs from the defender version in two ways. Firstly, it uses a different version of the caliper with the operating lever rotated 90 degrees clockwise and secondly the back plate which bolts to your transfer box is rotated 90 degrees anti-clockwise.

The operating cable passes between the exhaust heat-shield and the floor above. Fitting is a bit tight, and it may be necessary to bend the corner of the heat shield out of the way a little. If your vehicle is not fitted with the exhaust heat-shield - you MUST fit one otherwise the heat from the exhaust will melt the cable! Be warned!

Some Range Rovers had a drum brake operated by push rods from a handbrake lever mounted on top of the transfer box. We have designed a simple adaptor bracket which can be attached to the two bolts circled. This will convert to a standard 200tdi cable.

If your handbrake cable goes straight into the drum brake housing you will need to replace the cable with the earlier type. This applies to 300Tdi and Td5 models. However, we would recommend you change the cable while you have it in pieces - it's probably bunged up with mud too. Parts are supplied coated with a tough corrosion resistant coating of gold Zinc Passivate to ensure a long life. The Disk is not coated as the brake pads are most efficient gripping on plain steel. The light rubbing action of the pads quickly polishes the surface.

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Brand X Engineering
OEM / Aftermarket Aftermarket
Warranty 12 Months Warranty
Lead Time Stock Item - usually ready for despatch
Part Number PM085
Vehicle For Discovery 1, Range Rover 1986-1994, Range Rover to 1985

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